Choose Your Battles

How to Choose Your Battles:

  1. What reward is attached to fighting this battle?
  2. What reward is attached to winning this battle?
  3. Is this a battle that has victors or is this a battle where no one wins?

If there is no reward in fighting or winning this battle, if this is a lose-lose battle, you are fighting the wrong battle.

The story of David and Goliath teaches us that a battle where there is a huge reward is a battle that is worth winning.  When David heard the Champion of the Philistines, the Giant Goliath, making threats against the Lord and His army, He said, “I am going to kill this uncircumcised Philistines”.  Then he heard about the rewards in winning the battle:

  1. The name of the Lord will not be blasphemed.
  2. The name of the Lord will be honored.
  3. The reward of king: marriage to his daughter.

When his brothers heard his words, they challenged him, “Who do you think you are David”, but David did not waste time fighting with his brothers.  He understood that his battle was with the enemy of God not his brethren.

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