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Lesson Plans

STEP BY STEP GUIDES TO GROWING IN LOVE, WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING, KNOWLEDGE AND EMPOWERMENT The following are Step-By-Step Guidelines that will help you as you seek to self-educate. They are in no way complete. As self-educators it is our responsibility to seek out and explore the resources of information that our Lord Yeshua has placed before …

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The Story of Hannukah

The Story of Hanukah – The Maccabees

The Story of Hannukah Required Reading: The Books of Maccabees I, II, III, IV The following are excerpts from different referenced websites  Hannukah Song, Mashup, Elliot Dvorin The death of Alexander the Great of Greece in 323 BCE led to the breakup of the Greek empire as three of his generals fought for supremacy and …

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