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If you have not developed your Personal Brand Strategy, it would help you understand brand strategy, if you did that first.

Deciding the look, feel and tone of your business is important to your business’ success.  If you do not decide on what gives you or your company that x-factor, you will find yourself having to compete on nothing except price. Competing on price alone, will cut into your profit margins and you may find you and your business operating in the black, and on your way out to pasture.

Even though statistics have shown time and time again, that most customers do not decide what to buy based on price alone. Many businesses find themselves trying to gain customers based on nothing else but price.  If this is your only strategy, chances are you did not take time to develop your brand strategy.


Take for instant Apple, their products are highly priced but so is the value that they offer their customers.

Many customers turn to Apple after they have had problems using PCs and Windows.  They turn to Apple hoping that they would be the solution to their frustrations.

All Apple has to do is present themselves as the solution and give their customers time to become frustrated with their competition.  If you ask computer users how many PCs they’ve gone through over the years, the number would be much higher than the number of Apple computers.  Customers hold on to their Apple computers for at least 10 years.  After that time upgrades are needed because of technological advances.  In contrast PCs last 1-3 years and then, it’s time for a hardware upgrade or you have to purchase a new version of Windows, whereas Apple’s OS software upgrades are included.


A customer also goes shopping because he/she has a goal that needs to be fulfilled.  Whether it be fulfilling items on a menu, meeting this month’s projections or simply wanting to be entertained.  If you can show your customer that you can help them meet their goals, efficiently, they will be willing to buy into your products and services.

IDENTITY DESIGN: BRANDING with Chris Do & Jose Caballer From The Futur

What is Brand Strategy?

Branding is not a logo.  It is not what you say about your business.  It is what others say about your business, therefore it is in your power to control how others perceive you or your business through branding.

Brand Strategy is a way to give a specific personality to your brand, business or group. It specifies this personality based on:

  1. Base Personality/Culture: What type of personality do I want my business to have
    1. friendly
    2. authentic
    3. nostalgic
    4. family-oriented
    5. designer, etc.
  2. Customers Base: Who are you trying to attract to your business? This will help you determine what products and services you think will benefit them.
    1. Women
    2. Men
    3. Children
    4. Teens
    5. women 55 and over
    6. health conscious people
    7. Afrocentric African Americans
    8. Latin men, etc.
  3. Voice/Tone: If my business could speak what type of tone would its voice have?
    1. Authoritative
    2. kind, personable
    3. trust-worthy
    4. endearing
    5. angry
    6. frugal
  4. Feel: How do I want my customers to feel when they experience my business?
    1. Cared for given the royalty treatment
    2. Empowered to take action
    3. energized
    4. warm
    5. loved, etc.
  5. What type of impact do I what my business to have on my customers?
    1. Satisfied
    2. Knowledgeable: They have gained necessary knowledge to accomplish a task
    3. Save money
    4. Healthier customers.
    5. More beautiful: cosmetic surgery, beauty supply products.
  6. X-Factor: What distinguishes you above other business?
    1. We go the extra mile
    2. We use organic ingredients, 100% Natural
    3. 100% Green – Environmentally Conscious
    4. All products from farmers in Mexico
    5. Beauty
    6. Day care on site
    7. Proficient
    8. Hands on experience, etc.

Think of the interaction your business would have if it were a person communicating with another person: your customer(s).

  • How would you speak to them?
  • How would they speak to you?
  • What would they say?
  • What challenges would they have in their personal and professional lives?
  • What help would you offer them?
  • What advise would you give them?
  • Who would you recommend them to hook up with?
  • What type of lasting impression would you want them to have about you?

When you answer these questions design your brand strategy around these answers.



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