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Now that you have your Personal Branding, Reach Out to Your Customers on Social Media, Develop your fan base and Develop your blog to expert level.

Social Media is today’s way of advertising your products and services to potential consumers.

The following is an excerpt from the Balance:

What You Need

  • Your own domain – You will need to purchase some online real estate. This real estate will consist of your own domain, preferably your name or something that describes what you do. How can you create your brand if you don’t own
  • Blog – Create your own website with a blog. Post 2 to 3 blog posts per week. An active and effective blog means 2 to 3 posts per week around 500 to 700 words, discussing topics that surround your brand. Share those posts via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Twitter Account. Create a Twitter account complete with photo. Once again use your name or something that describes what you do. You will then want to follow those that would have an interest in topics surrounding your brand. Engage and Interact – remember, don’t just broadcast. Using Twitter use tools such as Twellow to find those that would be interested in the topics your brand represents, this will help to increase your following and attract them to your brand. I suggest trying to follow 5 to 10 per day.
  • Facebook Profile. Create your own Facebook profile. In must contain a photo (preferably the same one you use on Twitter), work history, and experiences. Be sure and post relevant items to your Facebook page. This is a great place to let your personality show. Invite colleagues, peers, and friends to join you on your Facebook profile. If you want to keep your Facebook profile private a Facebook page can be the solution.
  • LinkedIn Profile – A LinkedIn profile is the digital version of your resume, portfolio, and references. Don’t be without one. Join groups that are of interests to your brand. Answer questions and be an active participant. Connect with those that would be interested in your cause or topic.
  • Use Quora
    A fairly new medium, but a great place to get to know those that would have an interest in your brand. Invest time and answer questions. This will help in building your following and get your name out there. Quora is a great medium to show your expertise by answering questions.

You are creating your personal brand, so display a photo that is recognizable on all platforms. If you decide to have a logo created, don’t forget to use that as well to help in building brand recognition.

Now that you have the tools it’s time to start building. Remember this will take consistency and dedication, but you can do it.

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